[Dirvish] Oregon State Open Source Labs moving to dirvish

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Fri Sep 30 22:19:28 PDT 2005

First, forgive me for being unavailable for the last two months.
A client with a superhot project needed the first of the months,
and a long-planned trip to Europe consumed the second.  I should
be able to look at some of the submitted patches and Paul's
comments about 1.3.1 now.

Second, and more importantly, today I was on a tour of the Oregon
State University Open Source Labs ( OSU-OSL ) in Corvallis.   The
Labs run a lot of open source projects, many by the undergraduate
students, and seems like an excellent place to get an open-source
education.  Germain to this discussion, though, is that many of
the people at OSL use dirvish for their personal systems, and they
are converting their 60 terabytes of servers over to dirvish.  OSL
is currently the primary mirror for Mozilla/Firefox, Kernel.org,
Gentoo, Drupal, Open PDA, and many other open source projects, so a
lot of important projects will soon depend on dirvish for backups!  
In related news, they are eager to mirror the dirvish site at OSL. 

I mentioned my hopes of starting an object-oriented Perl rewrite of
dirvish (version 1.5 onwards), and the lab director thought that
would make a good student project (and yes, it would be overseen
properly and done to high standards).   

But before we embark on such a project, however, it is important
to make sure that the dirvish community agrees that this is the
right thing to do, and that the rest of you are comfortable with
this way of doing things.   The students working at OSL are given
a lot of freedom, and shoulder a lot of responsibility, so this
might seem risky.  On the other hand, the OSL community knows the
open source development process very well as an organization, and
there would be a great deal of oversight and rigorous testing.  In
time, I would expect the student(s) involved to take over management
of the project after they graduate. 

My huncher says "do it", but we decide on this together.  Ideas? 


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