[Dirvish] Windows Installation && Alternative SSH Guide

Steve Ramage dirvishusersspammedme at sjrx.net
Sat Sep 17 20:36:35 PDT 2005

Anyway I've been jabbering on about some guide I've been writing or an
alternative way of setting up the client.  Anyway since I think Kieth
is MIA for a few weeks, I have put it up on my server for the mean
time. While the Windows stuff works. Let me clarify, DO NOT USE IT, as
local users will get r00t access to files on your box  :)  (Also if
you're reading this in the archives the link I'm posting will not work
as it should be at www.dirvish.org by this time).

Anyway I have a problem I can't figure out with it. Basically if you
follow my instructions to the tee, everything will work except rsync.
As far as I can tell the pre-server isn't being executed properly, but
post-server is.

There is no indication of a failure, as all the errors simply state
that rsync failed to connect. If I manually run the script, it works
fine provided I remove the pre-server line, as otherwise
start-stop-daemon fails if its already started.

The other thing I notice is that, it errors out right away, I don't
think ssh could connect that fast, so its like its not running, but
I'm not getting any errors.

Any ideas.

Steve R

P.S. Here is the link http://www.sjrx.net/dirvish/ .Please don't link
this out, as this is on my own webserver which is at home, on my poor
little cable connection.

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