[Dirvish] pattern matching hash on excludes

mfaz001-foo at yahoo.com mfaz001-foo at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 27 02:33:32 PDT 2005

Okay, so the obvious problem is the fact that # is a 
comment as far as dirvish is concerned: using an rsync
command like 

 rsync -avz --exclude=#cvs* from_dir/ to_dir/

works fine. I'm not having any joy with \#cvs* or 


which is a shame. I'm going to experiment with several

pints of beer and see if they help me. 


--- I wrote:

> Folks, 
> I'm trying to ignore a few cvs lock files on a
> filesystem I'm backing up but can't seem to get the
> syntax right. The files look like:  
> #cvs.foo.bar.123
> #cvs.alice.fred.456
> How can I match the "#cvs" portion? 
> Mark
> Delete 
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