[Dirvish] Backing up Windows client using smbmount - files are backed up two consecutive days after a modification

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Fri Oct 14 09:27:28 PDT 2005


I'm testing the backup of Windows clients using smbmount because my
Samba migration isn't finished yet and I'll have to use Dirvish to
backup a PC that runs a specific software on Windows.

During these tests I noticed some files are backed up two consecutive
days after they are modified or created.

My tests:
- server : Debian Sarge with Dirvish from apt (1.2-1)
- client : a share on a Windows XP PC
- I set up a vault to backup this share using smbmount
- I init the vault
- I let the system do its backup for some days
- I copy an iso file to the backed up folder the 11th
- I come back the 14th to check what happened


root at debian:~ # du /backup/mytestbank/mytestvault/ --max-depth=1
1       /backup/mytestbank/mytestvault/dirvish
168     /backup/mytestbank/mytestvault/20051005
13      /backup/mytestbank/mytestvault/20051006
1       /backup/mytestbank/mytestvault/20051007
1       /backup/mytestbank/mytestvault/20051008
1       /backup/mytestbank/mytestvault/20051009
2       /backup/mytestbank/mytestvault/20051010
42      /backup/mytestbank/mytestvault/20051011
42      /backup/mytestbank/mytestvault/20051012
1       /backup/mytestbank/mytestvault/20051013
267     /backup/mytestbank/mytestvault/

root at debian:~ # dirvish-locate mytestvault ipcop
1 matches in 9 images
    mar 25  2005 20051013, 20051012
    mar 25  2005 20051011

The file is copied to the backup server the 11th. The 12th the file is
copied again instead of making a hardlink to the file of the 11th (the
two backups of 42 MB just contain this file). The 13th a hardlink is
created to the file of the 12th, what should have also happened the 12th.

I don't know why this is happening, do someone have an hint on this ?

Thanks in advance

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