[Dirvish] how to debug problems?

Can Burak Cilingir canburak at cs.bilgi.edu.tr
Thu Oct 13 23:58:04 PDT 2005

Hi Guys,

I had a working dirvish setup which collects from 5 machines. One of
these "vaults" stopped to work properly. In seems that rsync "hangs".
After some inspection I got the following information:

local: dirvish
remote: the machine to be backed up

rsync run by the dirvish (I added the v's and dry-run):
rsync --dry-run -vvv -vrltH --delete -pgo --stats -D --numeric-ids
--exclude-from=/backup/_NEW//removed/20051012/exclude removed:/
/backup/_NEW//removed/20051013/tree 2>&1 >rsync.log gives the attached
output. I checked this command by removing each parameter one by one but
didn't helped.

"originals" is a directory on the remote machine.
rsync on the remote machine really hangs (needs kill -9) while the local
one can be terminated (simple kill).

I thought this was a filesystem problem but the following command works
perfect (/backup/hede/ is in the same partiton with /backup/_NEW/):
rsync --dry-run -vvaP  removed:/originals/ /backup/hede/

I think it has something to do with the number of files. What can you
suggest for further investigation?


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