[Dirvish] using rsync server at the remote side

Leo Baltus Leo.Baltus at tech.omroep.nl
Wed Oct 12 09:08:50 PDT 2005

Op 12/10/2005 om 15:13:40 +0200, schreef Zdenek Pizl:
> is there any possibility to configure dirvish to use a rsync module 
> definded in /etc/rsyncd.conf at the remote end? I mean sometimes it is 
> not possible to use ssh, so why to not use rsyncd ...

man dirvish.conf:

 tree: path [alias] (S)
    Specify a directory path on the client to backup.
    If  path is prefixed with a colon the transfer will be done from
    an rsync daemon on the client otherwise  the  transfer will  be
    done through a remote shell process.

so in your vault/branch config file:
tree:           :backup-all

on the client in /etc/rsyncd.conf:
        path = /
        exclude from = /opt/etc/rsyncd.exclude
        uid = root
        auth users = backup

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