[Dirvish] Oregon State Open Source Labs moving to dirvish

Leo Baltus Leo.Baltus at tech.omroep.nl
Wed Oct 5 01:47:24 PDT 2005

Op 02/10/2005 om 13:37:38 +0000, schreef ml-it-dirvish at epigenomics.com:
> On Fri, 30 Sep 2005 22:19:28 -0700,
>  Keith Lofstrom <keithl at kl-ic.com> wrote:
> > My huncher says "do it", but we decide on this together.  Ideas? 
> > Opinions?
> This sounds like a good idea to me. It would put dirvish into a larger
> developer community as it may have today.

I agree.

IMO The main thing to consider is the quality standards. Normally
I would not mention this for any OSS project but this project is about 
making BACKUPS and I cannot stress enough that I feel very strong about 

> Although I think that dirvish is quite mature already. There are only
> two things that I am missing in 1.2 versions:
> - rsync return code 24 should only give a warning (this is already
>   addressed in 1.3 versions)
> - should be possible to run multiple vaults in parallel to speed up
>   overall processing.

Ah, this calls for my wishlist ;-)

- As dirvish replaces traditional tape backups you will loose 
the capability of taking your backups off-site. 
Therefore we have a secondary off-site dirvish server which makes backup 
images during office hours using the primary backupserver as the source 
rather than the client. Now it would be ideal if:
  - dirvish could change roles easily between secondary and primary
  - dirvish could mix both primary and secondary backups for load
  - dirvish had a central location for storing configuration files
    rather than in the vaults.
  - dirvish could make a symlink to the last succesful backup for each
- For databases we would like to make daytime backups of commited
  transactions aka archive logs. Most of the configuration is the same
  it should only use a different rsync 'module' and a subdirectory in
  the vault.

BTW You can run multiple vaults in parallel. Just move your Runall and
Dirvish  clauses away from master.conf and in as many .conf files as you
would like to have parallel processes.
Then let cron start:
... dirvish-runall --config /etc/dirvish/foo.conf
... dirvish-runall --config /etc/dirvish/bar.conf

It would be nice however to let dirvish figure out which vault to
handle in which process.

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