[Dirvish] rsh: alternatives

Warren Sanders wsand70 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 20:51:44 PDT 2005

> If your `hostname` is the same as your client: hostname, it should execute
> commands locally and skip using your rsh: transport.

Thank you Jason.  That did the trick... I was using 'localhost'.

Now to figure out how to get the smbmount to obey the
username/password so I don't need to enter past the password. 
Strangely (as a test) not specifying any credentials; it only asks for
the password... which entering past works... anything works. (mounting
XP home btw.)  Tried using 'credentials=file' and it still asks for

Anyway it doesn't look like anything authenticated.  I may have better
luck just mounting to C$ and running a ton of excludes.


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