[Dirvish] Disk drive follies

Nathan Hunsperger dirvish at hunsperger.com
Mon Feb 28 21:19:03 PST 2005

On Mon, Feb 28, 2005 at 03:11:07PM +0100, Eric Mountain wrote:
> On Friday 25 Feb 2005 22:00, Jason Boxman spake thus:
> > On Friday 25 February 2005 15:38, Keith Lofstrom wrote:
> > > This came at a good time for me;  I rotate 3 250GB hard drives for
> > > backups, and I just lost one of the 3 (a Maxtor I purchased in
> > > September).  It is still under warranty, so I Maxtor will replace it.
> >
> > Entirely anecdotal given my small sample size, but my past two of three
> > Maxtors have failed on me.  The second was a replacement for the first.  I
> > kept them from running extraordinarily hot to no avail.  I have had four
> > WDs for about as long and none have failed yet.

I am running 4 maxtors in raid5 on my desktop.  I have had them fall out
of the array, fail mfg drive checks, etc.  But, in each case, I stupidly
rebuilt them back into the array.  No data loss yet.  <fingers crossed/>

I have also had good luck with WD lately.  While a few years ago they
made a bad name for themselves, their newer drives are holding well.  I
have lost 1 of about 15 WD drives over the past 2 years (though they are
not all 2 years old).  Unfortunatly, I'm very disappointed that WD
dropped their default warranty back down to 1 year.  WD support
confirmed this for me, but said distributors could still purchase the
drives with 3 year warranties at a premium.  At least it appears most
OEM distributors are doing so (though I once got a 3yr warranty drive
with a 1yr actual warranty).  I'm seeing the retail drives, though, with
only 1 year of warranty.

> More anecdotes: I'm running on an IBM DeskStar bought early September 2001. 
> That series actually got nicknamed "DeathStar" due to allegedly high return 
> rates.  Well... I can't complain, but I *backup*. ;-)

Yes, but that depended on if you had the 15GB platter or 20GB platter
model.  IIRC, the 15GB platter versions (30GB, 45GB) were the ones that
generated the nickname.  I had 3 of 4 of those fail on me.  The 20GB
platter model (60GB disks) were much more reliable, though I recently
sent one of those to the grave.

Now, why is it that my old 1GB half-height that ran so hot you couldn't
touch it and sounded like a jet engine never had a single problem, yet
new disk drives have a pathetic warranty, and know it?

- Nathan

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