[Dirvish] SpacesInSource Patch??

Eric Mountain em-dirvish-1 at nerim.net
Mon Feb 28 05:57:39 PST 2005

On Friday 25 Feb 2005 11:11, Steve Ramage spake thus:
> Hey I was just reading the Dirvish 1.2.1 Release thread and noticed
> reference to a SpacesinSource patch? I have am currently backing up a
> 'My Documents' folder off of Windows. I can't find any real reference to
> what this patch pertains to or anything other than "Allow the use of
> spaces protected by a backslash in the source tree name".

See http://dirvish.org/wiki?SpacesInSource

Are you saying that w/o that patch you are able to backup "My Documents" of a 
Windows partition?  That is exactly what I was not able to do and why I wrote 
the patch.

For instance, I have a config file that reads:
 tree: /mnt/WinME/Mes\ Documents
Without SpacesInSource dirvish 1.2 fails to backup this tree.

> Is there somethnig I should, is the data I already backed up at risk?

There should be no backward compatible impact since:
a.) my understanding is that dirvish 1.2 would not interpret a space in the 
source the way you need it to for paths with spaces in them (because the 
syntax of "tree" is "tree: path [alias]").
b.) unless you have '\' before a space in tree parameters, you shouldn't be 

We do need to update the documentation though for 1.2.1.

Eric Mountain

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