[Dirvish] dirvish & sshd rsyncd server (Very belated)

Steve Ramage dirvishusersspammedme at sjrx.net
Fri Feb 25 03:21:46 PST 2005

Thank you, this post reminded me of why my USB drive which recently 
failed, didn't have dirvish backups reciently, but I do have ti 
workingish in Windows.

Basically the problem I can see is that dirvish on windows won't go into 
to daemon mode. I tried winrsync, and various other builds but couldn't 
get it to into daemon mode, tho everything else worked fine. I even 
downloaded a full version of cygwin and tried with that, still no luck.

I have found out a few things with my dealings with *nix stuff of 
Windows, cygwin is very tempermental, and the wierdest things make the 
difference (found this out with jabber 1.4). Anyway enough 
grandstanding, what works for me is with a FULL cygwin download, opening 
a cygwin shell, and then running dirvish in daemon moed from WITHIN the 

I have no idea why it has to be in a shell, but it does, otherwise when 
I check Task Manager rysnc opens and exits. The real pain is that if you 
forget to turn it on you have 3 weeks go bye and not back it up. What's 
worse is that I cannot figure out a way to make it scriptable at all. I 
tried a .bashrc file, an batch file, anything but nothing will get it to 

That was my porblem anyway, if that doesn't work and its secure enough, 
get rid of SSH. I'm backing up on a local lan, and couldn't get that 
working very well so I just turfed it, and started focusing on my rsync 
problems, I may give rsync another look, and it may be as Kieth 
suggested worth contacting the rsync mailing list about.

Steve R

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