[Dirvish] Considering a 1.2.1 release

Eric Mountain em-dirvish-1 at nerim.net
Fri Feb 18 12:01:01 PST 2005

On Friday 18 Feb 2005 02:22, Keith Lofstrom spake thus:
> What would people think if we made a 1.2.1 bugfix release, with just
> a few simple fixes?

I am all in favour of "release early, release often".  Same as what Paul said 

> And (5) *maybe* Eric's SpacesInSource fix.  That one actually adds some
> extra functionality, and while it is small I would rather test it as part
> of 1.3.1 .  But I can go either way.

Well, put it this way: with out 5, I wouldn't be able to use 1.2.1 and I 
currently already run 1.2+patched with patches 1, 2(, 3 because I didn't use 
the examples) and 5.

Then again, I would probably continue to run an experimental version even if 
there was a release... ;-)  So maybe my answer shouldn't count if I'm the 
only person that needs SpacesInSource.

Eric Mountain

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