[Dirvish] RE: Dirvish Digest, Vol 4, Issue 13

Wayne F bwaynef at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 17 12:55:22 PST 2005

On Thursday 17 February 2005 13:02, Wayne F wrote:
>>I get this error when trying to initialize a vault:
>>(dirvish --init --vault home //this was the command I used to initialize.
>>Not actually in the error.)

>That should be the right command to init a vault.

I know, I was just differentiating that from the error output.

 >> dirvish home:default error (23) -- partial transfer
 >> Warning: start=63 - this looks like a partition rather than
 >> the entire disk. Using fdisk on it is probably meaningless.
 >> [Use the --force option if you really want this]
 >> dirvish error: branch /backup/dirvish/localhost/home:default image
 >> 2005-0217-0843 failed

>That's interesting.  That's not a message a regular binary `dirvish` 
>with.  Are you using a pre script that calls `fdisk`?  It looks like that
>script is failing somewhere.  Perhaps you could post the script?

# /usr/local/sbin/dirvish-pre

if ( [ ! -d /mnt/net/poasrv/home ] || [ ! -d /mnt/net/poasrv/shared ] ); 
	echo "Directory to backup not loaded"
	if [ sh /root/smbmounter.sh ];then
		exit 0
		exit 1
	exit 0

I check to make sure those directories are in place.  (They are what I'd run 
in dirvish-runall.)  The smbmounter.sh mounts them in case they're not 
there.  I don't see where anything could be causing my error from this 
script.  (Initializing the "shared" vault caused no problem.)

 >> I can access /backup/dirvish/localhost/home/(directory)/tree and look at
 >> the files.

>So did it successfully complete still, or?

dirvish --vault home and dirvish-runall give an error.  The error mentions 
"no default branch" or something similar.

 >> dirvish-runall says that no default for branch (or something similar) is
 >> found.  That makes sense because the vault never initialized.  When 
 >> to initialize another vault set up exactly the same way I get no errors.
 >> The default.conf files are as follows

 >> client: localhost
 >> tree: /mnt/net/poasrv/home/
 >> xdev: true
 >> index: gzip
 >> image-default: %Y-%m%d-%H%M
 >> (The other is just like that save the line "tree: 

>Are you sure you aren't referencing a pre or post script in default.conf or
>in /etc/dirvish/master.conf (or /etc/dirvish.conf)?

# /usr/local/sbin/dirvish-post

SFDISK='/sbin/sfdisk -d /dev/hdb1 '
SSH='/usr/bin/ssh '



This is from dirvish.org:
	An error occurred during index generation and cleanup.

"dirvish home:default error (23) -- partial transfer"
Is this saying that my error was in index generation or cleanup?  Is that 
(I reference dirvish-pre and dirvish-post in master.confl.  The contents of 
the -pre and -post files are above.)

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