[Dirvish] non-dirvish directories in the bank confuse dirvish-expire

Václav Šmilauer smilauer at volny.cz
Sun Feb 13 06:03:03 PST 2005


my dirvish bank is /mnt/backup. I put some old files into
/mnt/backup/OLD by hand. This seems, however, to make dirvish-expire
think OLD is a vault and looks for configuration files in it. It fails
nonetheless and exits with error (anyway, I wonder what is the way it
looks for configuration file name). For example:

gamma:/etc/dirvish# dirvish-expire
cannot open config file:

My question is if I need to have a dedicated directory for dirvish bank.
I thought dirvish-expire did not go ahead to tidy up vaults until having
read master configuration file. Or am I wrong? Thanks for any clarification.

Vaclav Smilauer
(dirvish version 1.2 from Debian/sarge)

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