[Dirvish] the Options hash, and a testing dilemma

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Tue Feb 8 17:25:36 PST 2005

Those of you who have studied the Dirvish code have encountered the
infamous $Options hash.   In the instruction flow through the "dirvish"
routine (assembled by the INSTALL script out of dirvish.pl and
loadconfig.pl, with the $CONFDIR prepended) it contains some anonymous
subroutines that are called when the options --config= , --client= ,
--branch= , and --vault= are called.  If you call these options on
the command line in a particular order, or multiple times, the
configuration values accumulate.

The options are first set by the $CONFDIR.conf or $CONFDIR/master.conf .
Then the perl module GetOptions is called, which sets more options, and
possibly loads more config files as indicated above.  Pretty squirrely.

There is a problem with this - it always assumes there is a valid
master configuration file - and this is needed before options processing
begins, so that we know where the banks and vaults are.  But what if
you want to use a specialized master.conf file for testing during
installation?  The master.conf file will either be left over from
a previous install (not to be modified!) or will be part of this
install, and not customized to the system.

I suggest adding an additional option, --cleanoptions .  When this
option is encountered, we run an anonymous subroutine that cleans
out the $Options hash (and any previous options - we restore to
the original $Options contents.   That can be followed with a
--config=test.conf option, which can fill in all the options that
you might normally expect to find in master.conf, except customized
for testing.

The interaction of $Option and loadconfig() and $GetOptions is rather
entangled, and it will be difficult to unentangle or refactor.  In
the best of all worlds, I would like to see GetOptions processed
before we read any configuration files at all, but I cannot see how
to do that without changing the existing runtime behavior.  That would
be unacceptable.



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