[Dirvish] misuse of chown as root leads to excessive backup usage

Jason Boxman jasonb at edseek.com
Tue Feb 8 13:08:59 PST 2005

On Tuesday 08 February 2005 15:12, Keith Lofstrom wrote:
> I did something silly last night.  On one of my machines, I was
> creating a dummy user "samexample" for a demonstration.  I copied
> some .* directories over from another user, then, as root, did a
> chown -R samexample.samexample .* in the ~samexample directory.
> After it didn't come back for a few seconds, I realized it was not
> the bad wifi link, but a bad mistake, and stopped it.  But not before
> it had changed a bunch of files in ../[otherusers] to ownership
> samexample.samexample .  Well, that was not to hard to fix (annoying,
> though).

I have a good one too.  I've been running backups for a while now.

Finally, it came time to use them for restore.  Except, things didn't quite 
work on boot.  For some reason drivers/usb/core/usbcore.ko was missing from 
my kernel tree and who knows what else.

After some searching I found that the HOWTO included with the Debian package 
for Dirvish, which I used for my initial foray into Dirvish, included "core" 
as an exclude.  Bad, bad.

It never came up before, since 2.4.x didn't keep usbcore.o in a core/ 
directory.  But 2.6.x does, so the problem came up.  Whoops.

The lesson is twofold.  Always verify your backups.  If you can't restore 
there's no point.  Know what your exclude lists are actually doing before you 
run with them.

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