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Sat Feb 5 09:39:12 PST 2005

On Sat, Feb 05, 2005 at 07:24:05AM -0800, langelino wrote:

> BTW, here is an email in which J.W. was getting pretty upset for being asked
> to reveal his first name.  
> http://lists.samba.org/archive/rsync/2003-April/005845.html
> Apparently he didn't like to reveal it.. You may like to change the web 
> site accordingly.
> Thanks for putting up a dirvish cite.
> Regards,

Sorta like "Perl" v.s. "perl".  This is a good point;  jw (lowercase,
no periods) was the author of Dirvish.  The IRS and the DMV aside,
he was legally Jonathan, and more importantly, that is what he is
called by the family that survived him.  jw had a strong desire for
anonymity and obscurity;  unfortunately, this resulted in a lot of
confusion and frustration for others. 

Most particularly, the anonymity delayed learning about his death,
and communication with his parents.  That resulted in two damaging
problems:  (1) we did not manage to get a scrape of his site before
it went off the air, and (2) his parents had erased his hard disks
and donated his machines to charity before anyone savvy had a chance
to get in there and access CVS trees and design notes and the like.
We are still suffering from that, especially the lack of information
needed to reconstruct jw's design intentions.

The person that jw's parents want to remember, and that some of his
childhood friends look for when they Google looking for him, is
Jonathan.  So I will keep the long name in the memorial information.
However, the author of dirvish is jw.  I will try to keep those
separate on the site.  But "jw" only is disfunctional, and jw no
longer has any need for privacy or anonymity. 

Right now, in my other life, I am managing the probate process for my
mother's will.  Her will has some explicit directions for my management
of a sister's expenses.  As executor, I will do my best to follow my
mother's wishes, but the needs of the living will always come first. 

The needs of the living - users and developers of dirvish, jw's friends
and Jonathan's family - will be my main focus.  I appreciate the heads
up, and will change the site because of it, but where appropriate,
"Jonathan" stays.


BTW, initials as names are not unknown.  Google for "Ronly Bonly"
for the (probably apocryphal) story of R(only) B(only) Jones.  And
a friend of mine is legally "TC", the result of a high school nickname
"The Chick".

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