[Dirvish] Setting up subversion

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Tue Feb 1 21:38:35 PST 2005

I finally have some time to set up subversion and viewCVS for the
dirvish archive.   Setting up security for apache is the big issue.  
I can spend a few more days studying the docs --- or I can just ask
if anyone here has set up subversion before, and I'll copy what you
did (and read the docs and see why you did it) !

The subversion repository is stored as /home/svn/ , the project will
be /home/svn/dirvish .  Commit access will be passworded, and I will
issue passwords to appropriate individuals by private email.  Read
and download access will be public via viewCVS.

The server is a Fedora 1 colo machine on a 100 Mbps pipe, with
nightly backups (dirvish, of course) over a VPN to my backup server. 
So your work will be reasonably safe.  I serve 5 domains from that
machine.  I did have to jump through some hoops to get Subversion
1.1.3 working;  I am using the fsfs subversion filesystem (db was
broken) with apache 2.050 on https port 443, instead of the special
subversion port.  

I hope that will be a suitable working environment.  I am eager to
start putting together test version 1.3.1 of dirvish, and incorporate
all those good patches from Eric and others.

Oh, and those of you that want to commit code should start getting
subversion clients going on your machines, too.  


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