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Steve Ramage dirvishspammedme at sjrx.net
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I seem to recall wanting to reply to this message but I can't remember 
if I did or not.

There is a huge difference between ghost and dirvish, in terms of how 
they work ,although they both work over network.

Ghost takes binary images of partitions and transfers that, while 
dirvish just copies files efficiently (I might not be doing dirvish 
justice, but that aside). Ghost also last time I checked required you to 
shutdown your computer and boot off a special floppy drive, that has 
drivers to initialize your network card.

I just had to send my laptop away (it runs windows for a few reasons) to 
compaq, before I did I ran dd if=/dev/hdb of=/backups/compaqhdd.bin. It 
just got back and I reversed the processes. This is basically what ghost 

Dirvish will have a hard time operating on windows and restoring the 
operating system because most of the stuff is stored in the registry and 
files that most programs can't get access to directly, like the SAM and 
Registry files.

That all aside, Dirvish works great with Windows to backup documents and 
what not. I use it to backup my "My Documents" folder, every day. It is 
so nice cause I just open up a network drive, in my case 
\\fermat\backups click on the folder mydocs and it lists all the dates 
in a nice folder view of all the dates.

My only complaint is that the only way I can get rsync to run on windows 
is to run a cygwin shell and run it manually. I can't run the exe in a 
command prompt or script the shell executable, so everytime I reboot I 
have to run it or else it doesn't work, shoot that reminds me...

Steve R

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On Wednesday 15 December 2004 12:15, Keith Lofstrom wrote:
 > I have much more to learn.  Apparently, the "Ghost" program is big in
 > the windoze community for some of these issues, while the "Restrospect"
 > program is big for Mac.  If the third "restore" article for Sys Admin
 > is to focus on real-world issues, I cannot ignore these platforms.
 > Restoring a windoze machine with the aid of a dirvish server needs to
 > be mentioned, if only to say it can't be done.

It's definitely possible, I'd imagine, to restore a Windows box with 
But it would be one of the more ineffective methods of doing so.  
Dirvish is best for *NIX platforms, and I'd suggest that continue to be 
the platform targeted for improvements to an already outstanding tool.

If someone has a way to restore a Windows box to a functional state with 
Dirvish, I'd love to hear about it, though.  It'd certainly be nice to 
be able to use the same tool on Win32.

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