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Jeff Hedlund jeff.hedlund at elsym.com
Mon Dec 27 10:04:32 PST 2004

Steve Ramage wrote:
> Asked this a while ago on Dirvish Users
> Is it possible to set per vault expiry patterns, as for instance my USB 
> drive isn't gaurenteed to always be there, so I would like to have the 
> backups expire less aggresively

You can set your expire-default and/or expire-rule in your .conf file of 
your vault's dirvish/ directory to override any configurations.

I have a set of conf files that I include in my vault conf (using the 
"config:" directive) files depending on their use.  For instance, I have 
an "hourly.conf" and a "daily.conf" that have different expiration 
patterns.  (note: those two files are located in my /etc/dirvish/ 

jeff.hedlund at elsym.com

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