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Mon Dec 27 09:54:42 PST 2004

I asked this a while ago on a the DirvishUsers board, and no one 
responded so I am trying here,

SteveRamage asks:

I've noticed a HUGE jump in disk consumption accross all my backups, 
they seem to be double each of there original size. I don't know when 
this happened, but it was recent. file.sh is just something that does it 
for every folder (before I found out I could do du -s -si 20041029/ 

I don't know of a way to get du to take two files and see if they are 
symlinked., and then not use those. Below are three different vaults, 
mydocs which is rsynced from my windows box, as is usbdrive, etc is 
local. The one that concerns me the most is mydocs, as if it continues 
to grow I'll have problems very quickly. Some of these, most of these 
don't even change on a day to day basis. I don't know of anyway to 
troubleshoot this.

Also is there a way to have a program go thru each pair of directories, 
check if the file matches and if it does hardlink the files together, so 
I can repair this?

[02:39:06] root at fermat:/data2/backups/mydocs$du ./ -s --si
4.4G    ./
[02:39:11] root at fermat:/data2/backups/mydocs$./file.sh
2.2G    20041026
2.2G    20041027
2.2G    20041028
2.2G    20041029
2.2G    20041030
2.2G    20041031
2.2G    20041101
21k     20041102
2.2G    20041103
21k     20041104
2.2G    20041105
2.2G    20041106
2.2G    20041107
2.2G    20041108
2.2G    20041109

[02:40:38] root at fermat:/data2/backups/usbdrive$du -s --si 20041103 
20041104  20041107 20041108 20041109
21k     20041103
171M    20041104
212M    20041107
212M    20041108
212M    20041109
[02:40:52] root at fermat:/data2/backups/usbdrive$du -s --si
462M    .

[02:43:16] root at fermat:/data2/backups/etc$du -s --si
34M     .
[02:43:18] root at fermat:/data2/backups/etc$du 20041024/ 20041025 
20041026/ 20041027/ 20041029/ 20041030/ 20041031 20041101/ 20041102/ 
20041103/ 20041104/ 20041105/ 20041106 20041107 20041108/ 20041109/ -s --si
17M     20041024/
du: cannot access `20041025': No such file or directory
17M     20041026/
17M     20041027/
17M     20041029/
17M     20041030/
17M     20041031
17M     20041101/
17M     20041102/
17M     20041103/
18M     20041104/
18M     20041105/
18M     20041106
18M     20041107
18M     20041108/
18M     20041109/

Follow Up Question (11-15-04): I found out that the new 'set' starts on 
20041103, I found this by symlink randomly in another directory and 
checking the filesize of that directory, and found that if I have 
20041024 and 20041102 the du reports 2 gigs in use, but 20041024 and 
20041103 reports 4.1 gigs in use. The question is now that I know where 
the set is broken, how can I repair it, adn get my disk space back?


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I am about to code up a tiny little perl script to help restore single 
files and directory trees.  http://www.dirvish.org/wiki?RestoreSomeFiles
shows what I have in mind.  Is this too simple-minded for the role?
I would like something I can bolt onto a web page someday, along with 
dirvish-locate and an authenticator.


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