[Dirvish] RestoreWholeDisk for dirvish

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Sun Dec 26 06:43:02 PST 2004

Back in August, I created the RequestForEnhancement item RestoreScripts,
now refactored as:


I suggested a tool that generates bare metal restore scripts.  I got
one anonymous addition suggesting the existing systemimager tool
( http://systemimager.org).  That is a good idea in the abstract,
but there was no actual procedure defined, and there are issues of
differing source image formats, server self-restore, and cross-platform

If the anonymous suggestor is reading this, could you expand on your
comment, either here or on the Wiki?  I agree that an existing tool
is better than creating a new one, but it is not clear to me precisely
how to use systemimager in the dirvish/rsync context.

As always, keep in mind the dirvish user.  When they actually have to
do a bare metal restore, time will be far too precious to read a whole
manual and invent stuff;  they will need a pre-tested cookbook approach
that they can implement fast, or a pre-built script that they can execute. 
Users may even be offline, relying on the resources installed with
dirvish; RTFM is inappropriate unless TFM is known to be installed.

And if the user *is* online, they will probably find this email thread,
so speed them on their way to a solution, please.


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