[Dirvish] Test version numbering

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Fri Dec 17 11:00:22 PST 2004

Version numbering proposal: 

In the past, J.W. apparently did not distinguish between even and odd
sub-versions of code.  1.1 was a production release.  Now that we are
a collaboration, and not a one man show, we must take care not to release
experimental code to unsupecting users.

Let's do three things:
1)  User releases suitable for ordinary backups will be 1.2.N, 1.4.N,
etc., even numbered like Linux.  The website will be changed to reflect

2)  Developer release candidates will be numbered 1.3.N, 1.5.N, etc.,
I (or other moderators in time) will bless these release candidates.  

3)  Un-reviewed initial releases will be numbered like 1.3.N-khl,
1.3.N-dh, and we should be very careful to make clear in READMEs
and other documentation that these experimental versions should
only be used by developers and reviewers.  

While I would like everyone to participate, we must be *very careful*
not to put test code out where unususpecting users can slurp it up.
If some stranger downloads and installs a test or candidate version
of dirvish, and a year from now their restores don't work, we could
be in for a world of hurt.  

A good place to share your code to other developers is with a link
from the wiki to your site.  That way, changes and patches stay
connected, and can be corrected, unlike links in the mailing list.
Keep in mind this list is being archived, and is google-able.  Let's
not lead future users astray with potentially incomplete information.

I still do not have a functional change control system for the main
code tree itself;  is CVS all right with everyone?


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