[Dirvish] restructuring the dirvish install process

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Fri Dec 17 06:16:36 PST 2004

Right now, dirvish is installed with a shell script, that 
  1)  Asks where the software should be installed
  2)  builds the executables by concatenating some .pl files

Doug Hanks has noted that this can be done in a more standard way with
a makefile.  Good observation.  Lets adhere to some standards.

The install process must *still* ask where the software should be 
installed.  I put mine in /usr/local/sbin;  /usr/local/bin is also
an option.  Some folks want /bin, /sbin, or elsewhere .   Another
issue is where the master.conf file goes.  Some folks may want
something besides /etc/dirvish .  These choices should be respected
by the install.

Rather than concatenating files, we should make more standard usage
of Perl and common modular design practices by putting the subroutines
that are used in more than one executable (like loadconfig and seppuku)
into a library or module.  Since dirvish uses Time::Parsedate and
Time::Period, which are not unsually included in the basic Perl
distribution, the install process should pull those from CPAN if
needed.  The versions of perl and rsync and ssh used should be noted
and probably tested.

Most perl packages have a makefile.pl that takes care of these things.
Most perl packages also test themselves during an install.  We should
be making man pages,  but it is more standard to make pod and info files
for perl and gnu packages respectively.  How do you folks want your
documentation served?

The ChangeLog and INSTALL files WILL be updated on any public release.

We will conform to GNU coding standards ( http://www.gnu.org/prep/standards/ )
where they make sense.  Also to Perl accepted practices where they
make sense.  

There are changes needed.  Let's change in the direction of
standardization and user convenience.


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