[Dirvish] Restore to Windows

Jason Boxman jasonb at edseek.com
Wed Dec 15 11:17:09 PST 2004

On Wednesday 15 December 2004 12:15, Keith Lofstrom wrote:
> I have much more to learn.  Apparently, the "Ghost" program is big in
> the windoze community for some of these issues, while the "Restrospect"
> program is big for Mac.  If the third "restore" article for Sys Admin
> is to focus on real-world issues, I cannot ignore these platforms.
> Restoring a windoze machine with the aid of a dirvish server needs
> to be mentioned, if only to say it can't be done.

It's definitely possible, I'd imagine, to restore a Windows box with Dirvish.  
But it would be one of the more ineffective methods of doing so.  Dirvish is 
best for *NIX platforms, and I'd suggest that continue to be the platform 
targeted for improvements to an already outstanding tool.

If someone has a way to restore a Windows box to a functional state with 
Dirvish, I'd love to hear about it, though.  It'd certainly be nice to be 
able to use the same tool on Win32.

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