[Dirvish] Restore to Windows

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Wed Dec 15 09:15:49 PST 2004

On Wed, Dec 15, 2004 at 08:59:34AM -0800, Doug Hanks wrote:
> Generally no one uses open source for Windows or Mac, unless you're a
> nerd.  Most of a project's popularity will come from the commercial
> sector.

Of course dirvish will work in a pure-*nix environment, and it will 
back up a Samba server in a sea of windoze boxen OK, too.  But I betcha
that there are lots of shops, perhaps an overwhelming majority of shops,
where the *nix boxes are a calm nucleus in a turbulent sea of desktop
and portable windoze PCs.  While a dirvish server can do a fine job of 
backing up and restoring user files for these machines, it seems not to
be able to restore whole drives outside the windoze environment.  Since
whole-drive corruption, necessitating complete reinstalls, is *more*
likely for windoze boxen, supporting such tasks would accomplish more
than the pure-*nix option.

It may well be that the complete reconstruction of a windoze hard drive
for machine A can occur on windoze machine B, with personalizing parts
of the restore image coming from *nix dirvish server C.  If the restore
can be done with a perl program or shell script on windoze machine B,
this is sufficient, and will win users for dirvish.  It would be ideal
to eliminate B and build the restored drive on C, but without NTFS and 
other "special" windoze features, we probably can't do that.  

I'm just not sure we can accomplish even the A/B/C restore without a
lot of time-consuming and error-prone manual intervention.  That is
what I am most curious about - how much trouble is this task, and
are there any ways to improve dirvish on the *nix system so it can
reduce the work for the poor harried system administrator?

I have much more to learn.  Apparently, the "Ghost" program is big in
the windoze community for some of these issues, while the "Restrospect"
program is big for Mac.  If the third "restore" article for Sys Admin
is to focus on real-world issues, I cannot ignore these platforms.  
Restoring a windoze machine with the aid of a dirvish server needs
to be mentioned, if only to say it can't be done.


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