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I can't speak for Macs but afaik there is no way to do a full drive 
restore using Dirvish / Rsync. Reason being is that newer versions of 
windows have virtual file's that don't exist themselves but are stored 
elsewhere in places you don't see. Futhermore I can't see of a way to 
'copy' the files back to an NTFS medium.

You could probably do this with Windows 95/NT (on FAT16), possibly 
Windows 98 & ME, but I don't think you could do it in 2000, or XP or 
above, imho.

Steve R

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I wrote a three part article on dirvish for Sys Admin magazine.  The 
first part is available now, at:


Note, in the second part of the article in the February issue, I will be 
talking about the old way of installing Dirvish.  We are talking about 
changing the install procedure on the list right now.

I am still working on the third part, which discusses restores.  I am 
still missing a good discussion of restoring files or whole drives for 
Macs and Windows.  Principally because I don't have a Mac or a Windows 
machine.  Anyone have suggestions or contributions?


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